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Windows 7 Home Premium Forgot Password?

Windows 7 home premium forgot password? And your are bothering how to regain access to your windows? Don’t worry, an easy way which tells you how to reset windows 7 password without old password will be presented in this article.

To carry out this solution, you need the following thing:

  • 1. Another Windows you can login and use it to download software.
  • 2. A USB flash drive with minimum capacity of 128M, or a CD/DVD writable device and a CD/DVD blank disc.

If you have prepare the things above, you can follow the guide below to recover the forgotten password for your windows 7 home base or others.

  • 1. Download Spower Windows 7 Password Reset (trial version) and install it.
  • 2. Insert USB flash drive or a writable CD/DVD disc. Note: the data on CD/DVD disc will be erased and lost.
  • 3. Launch Windows 7 Password Reset program, and click the burn button to create a Windows 7 Password reset disk.Windows 7 home premium forgot password
  • 4. Press BIOS Access Key to open BIOS Setup Utility, and set the locked compute to boot from USB drive or CD/DVD drive.
  • 5. Insert Windows 7 Password Reset disk to the locked computer and reboot the locked computer.
  • 6. Reset Windows 7 home base user password with Spower program. Select a windows 7 user and click the Reset button to reset (remove) the password of user.forgot windows 7 home premium password
  • 7. Reboot the computer and log on with blank password. Now, you have recover your windows 7 password successfully.

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