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Reset Laptop Password on Dell, Hp, Acer, Thinkpad, Toshiba and Lenovo

This post does not tell you how to reset a laptop bios password, instead, it focuses on how to reset a windows password for Dell, HP, Acer, ThinkPad, Toshiba, Lenovo, Samsung desktop PC and laptop.

I have been gone deep into Windows password reset for several months. I these days, I learned many solutions in resetting or recovering password for windows 2000/xp/2003/Vista/win7/2008. In few months ago, I usually forgot my window 7 password, so I have to find some ways to reset or recover the lost password quickly.

Reset laptop password with install CD

If you are facing windows xp, you can reset its password easily with a install cd.

  1. Boot laptop from install cd.
  2. Select repair windows with command line. After Command Prompt running, type following commands exactly.
    cd %windir%system32
    rename logon.scr logon_back.scr
    copy cmd.exe logon.scr
  3. After laptop restart, Command Prompt will run automatically, type follow command to reset password for administrator account.
    net user administrator, pwd123 // set password to pwd123

Reset laptop password with Chntpw

  1. Download Chntpw.
  2. Create a Chntpw bootable cd disk. See How to burn ISO Image to CD/DVD disc.
  3. Start laptop, press the BIOS Entry Key to access BIOS Setup Utility, and set laptop to boot from CD-ROM or USB drive. See How to Set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB drive.
  4. Plug in Chntpw bootable cd disk to laptop and restart it.
  5. Select the partition where windows is installed.
  6. Select clear user password.
  7. Select a user.
  8. Clear the selected user password.
  9. Exit Chntpw and restart laptop.

Reset laptop password with Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate

  1. Get Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate from its official site.
  2. Install Spower Windows Password Reset Ultimate.
  3. Create a Spower Password Reset USB or CD disk.
  4. Plug in Spower Password Reset disk to laptop.
  5. Access BIOS, set laptop boot from CD-ROM or USB drive, and then restart it. See How to Set computer to boot from CD/DVD-ROM or USB drive.
  6. Reset Windows password with Spower Password Reset Program.
  7. Restart laptop and login with new password.

BIOS Entry Keys for Dell, HP, Acer, ThinkPad, Toshiba and Lenovo laptop:

  • Dell Latitude – Fn+F1
  • Dell Inspiron, Dimension, Precision, Optiplex, Vostro, XPSF2
  • HP – F10
  • Acer – Del or F2
  • ThinkPad – ThinkVantage
  • Toshiba – F1 or ESC
  • Lenovo – F2

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How to recover my laptop password when i forget my laptop password?

I forgot laptop password to my windows 7 a couple days ago. I have a password reset dis, but it did not work. Do somebody can tell me how to create a password reset disk with a password program? I would be greatly appreciate your assistance.

– Hello, use windows 7 password reset program to create a password reset disk.

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