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Ophcrack Password Not Found for Windows 7, vista and xp

Ophcrack is a famous windows password recovery tool, but it may fail to recover the password for you in windows 7, vista and xp. You got “password not found“.

If Ophcrack does not find the password for you, you can take the following actions to solve the problem.

1. Get premium rainbow table. Although pay much to get a larger rainbow table, it still may fail to find the password.

2. Use other premium password recovery software. Such as Windows Password Reset, Windows Password Rescuer and windows 7 password reset . These software can help to create a password reset disk, and recover or reset or windows password in a few minuses.

Key steps to use these softwares to reset or recover windows password:

  1. Purchase from their official site, and install it.
  2. Create a password recovery disk.
  3. Boot computer from password recovery disk.
  4. Reset or recover windows password with password program.

3. Use other free windows password program.

  1. Kon-boot
  2. Offline NT Password & Registry Editor
  3. PC Login Now


4. Tip: Ophcrack cannot find a password on active directory (domain). If you want to recover active directory password, Windows Password Reset can help you.

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