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How to Reset Windows 8 Password

This recovery topic focuses on how to crack windows 8 password with various password recovery ways.

Few days ago, I got Windows 8 Developer Preview edition, and I done a testing on recreating windows 8 password.

Windows 8 has three types login password, text password, fingerprint password and picture password. My computer does not support fingerprint password and picture password, so I did not make a reset on that two passwords. Here I show how to reset windows 8 text password.

1. Reset windows 8 password with script

To make windows 8 password be reseted by a script, the script must be launch when windows 8 starts up, so we have to change the registry offline to make script run when windows 8 starts up before log on screen display.

  1. Create a WinPE boot disk.
  2. Boot windows 8 computer from WinPE boot disk.
  3. Create a cracking script.
  4. Edit windows 8 registry to make it boot from reseting script.
  5. Reboot computer and log on with new password.
  6. Delete reseting script and boot key from registry.

Reference: Recover windows password with script.

2. Reset windows 8 password with password recovery software

With password recover software, we can reset windows 8 password in a few steps. Here I show the key steps for using Spower Windows Password Reset to recreate windows 8 password.

  1. Download Spower Windows Password Reset Special.
  2. Install Spower Windows Password Reset Special.
  3. Create a bootable windows 8 password recovery disk.
  4. Boot computer from windows 8 password recovery disk.
  5. Select an account and recover its password – Remove or Reset the password.
  6. Reboot computer.

Get Spower Windows Password Reset Special.

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