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How to Burn ISO Image File to CD/DVD Disc | Free ISO Burn Software

An easy and simple way to use free iso burn software to burn an iso image file to the cd/dvd disc, to make a bootable cd.

There are many commercial and free softwares which can burn iso image file to CD or DVD disc to make a bootable live cd. Here I introduce a free ISO burn tool named XBurnder and show how to burn ISO file to CD/DVD disc with XBurnder.

1) Download free iso burn software:

2) Unzip XBurnder. XBurnder can run in windows 2000 or later version windows, both 32bit windows and 64bit windows.

3) Burn ISO image file to CD or DVD disc.

  1. Select ISO file. Click Browse button to select an iso file.
  2. Click Burn button to start burning.
  3. If burn successfully, the disc will eject automatically.

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