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Forgot Windows XP Administrator Password, How to Recover?

Question: I forgot my windows xp professional administrator password, how do i recover into windows with or without password tool?

Answers to recover a forgotten XP password:

1. Recover windows xp password with password software

This method shows how to recover windows xp password with Spower Windows Password Reset Professional. Steps as follow:

  1. Download Spower Windows Password Reset Professional (trial version) and install.
  2. Create a bootable USB or CD password reset disk with password program.forgot windows professional administrator password
  3. Set computer boot from password disk and boot computer from password disk.
  4. Recover forgotten password with the software. When Spower password program launch, select an administrator account and reset its password.Forgot windows xp administrator password, how to recover

Reference: Forgot windows xp password, how to reset it

2. Get into windows xp on safe mode

This is the easiest ways to recover into a windows xp if the administrator has an empty password.

Method 1: Restart computer and press F8 to boot windows xp on safe mode. On log on screen, click administrator account to log on.

Method 2: Boot windows normal to log on screen, double click CTRL + ALT + DEL to switch to classic log on screen, and then input use name with empty password to log on.

3. Get into windows xp with a PE boot disk, and without changing it password

This method will help you backup your important data when you cannot log in windows for forgetting login password or system crash.

  1. Download a winpe live cd from Microsoft official site and create a boot disk. More detail, see How to create a winpe boot disk.
  2. Boot computer from winpe boot disk.
  3. Copy data from current computer to a backup disk.

After copying data to a backup disk, you can format hard drive and reinstall windows.

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